Author Visits (request info)
For Schools & Libraries for Children ages 3-11.
One hour, half day, or full day sessions.
Teach Your Children Well: Book series

Book reading and signing is combined with age-appropriate, fun interactive presentations. The presentations are designed not only to enhance character development but also to inspire creative written expression.(read what others say)

Workshop For Educators and Other Professionals (request info)
90 minutes, half day or full day sessions
Teach Your Children Well: Introducing Character-Centered Education in Preschool/Elementary School.

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles of character education. Learn how to infuse these principles daily into existing curriculum and activities by employing a collection of practical strategies and tools.

Workshop for Parents and Other Caregivers (request info)
90 minutes
Teach Your Children Well: How to Raise Children with Strong Character and Self-Worth

How do children grow in their minds and hearts to be rich inside?
Learn how character is developed and nurtured so children can reach their highest potential and feel valued.

Keynote Presentation for Everyone (request info)
60 to 90 minutes
Teach Your Children Well: Children are Our Greatest Resource

How do we cultivate the character traits that enhance a child's success? This engaging keynote features inspiring real-life stories and is filled with practical solutions.

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